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Shared Residence

A Shared Residence arrangement should be the normal arrangement when there are two fit, capable parents; not the rare exception it is now.

Shared Residence (where parents share the legal responsibility and care of the child) was the clear intention of the Children Act 1989. This has never been implemented by family courts.

As parents who live together clearly share the care of their children, we believe this arrangement should continue after separation unless there is a good reason otherwise. This does not mean to say that the children should be shared exactly equally between the parents, but it recognises that the two parents are equally valuable to the children.

After all, most parents living together do not share ‘exact’ equal time with their children – but no-one would say that one parent is therefore more important than the other.

The present situation, where one parent assumes total control of the child and the other has to make do with whatever is offered, is almost guaranteed to promote problems if the controlling parent wishes it to be so.

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