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False Allegations

We believe all allegations of domestic violence or child abuse made by one party against the other during a child contact case, must be made under oath, and dealt with quickly by a criminal court capable of delivering a clear verdict. This is in order to prevent such allegations being made maliciously; and to ensure the safety of the alleged victim and any other children the alleged perpetrator is in contact with.

When I applied for contact with my daughter, her mother accused me of sexually abusing my daughter and so was prevented from seeing her. Although these allegations were false and malicious, I could accept that the court could not allow contact during this time because the consequences to my daughter would have been so severe had they been true. However, when the allegations were later shown to be entirely false 18 months later (and clearly based on lies) the court did nothing and there was no come-back on the mother at all.

It was immediately clear what an effective weapon false allegations of abuse were. Of course, it was simply the court’s approach to them that makes them such an effective weapon. In fact, anyone who wanted to stop a father seeing the child may as well make false allegations against him – they’d almost be stupid not too!

We believe anyone making maliciously false allegations should face the charge of perjury in a criminal court. If there were consequences to making false and malicious allegations. this would go a long way to addressing this problem which not only harms the children and the accused, but also wastes an enormous amount of court and other services time.



    It is a situation which must be tackled. It invariably hurts children who because of false allegations are often alienated from one of their parents usually their fathers and half of their family (their fathers family). I had been falsley accused of domestic abuse by my ex. She was unable to comprehend the concept of a male/female sharing relationship having herself no experience of such as she had been raised in a single parent home not having known her father. She up and left me one day and took our child with her I was devastated and what followed almost destroyed me entirely. It later came to light that my ex was instructed by certain women’s organisations on ‘how to get rid of your man’. She got re-housed in an area she always wanted to live in and with generous benefits and Child Support she is financialy well off. I have no qualms with women’s organisations as such, I am sure they do very good works, however they are paid vast amounts of funding from the public purse and have to quantify their existence. More importantly they have no interest in trying to keep families together. It would benefit children greatly were just some of the funding for these organisations re-directed to those whose remit is to try to keep families together.

  • davest said:

    i am a father of 2 children and the mother stopped access to my children. When i took the matter to court initially the court looked favourably on me. The mother then decided the only way to stop the access that was to be granted to me was to falsely accuse me of sexual assault on my daughter. The police arrested me and it took one year for the CPS to clear my name. I then took up the access case again but found that the justice system had suddenly turned against me although i was innocent. I fought in court and just as i was finally making a breakthrough again my ex partner made false allegations to the police but this time it was about my son. This time it took only 6 weeks for the CPS to clear me. Going back to court for access after this was like bashing my head against a brick wall. The judge even told me in one hearing that i must seriously think what i am doing. He suggested that i could spend an awful lot of money and walk away with nothing. Unfortunately my finances did run out and i did walk away with nothing as the judge suggested. My only hope is that my children one day will learn the truth and will re-enter my life. I live in hope.

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