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Our Policies

This page summarises our current party policies. For more information, or to discuss individual policies, please see individual discussion pages.

Legal Presumption of Reasonable Parenting Time

There should be a legal presumption of reasonable parenting time for children and both parents, in the event of parental separation. More information or Discussion

Shared Residence should be ‘Normal’

A Shared Residence arrangement should be the normal arrangement when there are two fit, capable parents; not the rare exception it is now. More information or Discussion

Good Reason Principle

All contact and parenting time arrangements will be governed by the Good Reason Principle: they will apply in ALL cases where there is no good reason to do otherwise. More information or Discussion

Introduction of Early Interventions Pilot Project

We call for the immediate introduction of the Early Interventions Pilot Project, to replace the failed and discredited Family Resolutions Project. More information or Discussion

Compulsory Mediation

Mediation to be compulsory for both parents after separation and before entering into the court system. Any parent refusing to attend may be so ordered by the court and on subsequent refusal will be charged with contempt of court. More information or Discussion

Open Family Courts

All Family Court cases involving children to be transparent, open and accountable, and all reporting to be anonymised to protect children from publicity. More information or Discussion

Enforcement of Court Orders

Court orders for contact, parenting time and shared or joint residence, must be enforced by the courts unless there is good reason to do otherwise.

Allegations in Family Courts Made Under Oath

All allegations of domestic violence or child abuse made by one party against the other during a child contact case, should be made under oath, and dealt with quickly by a criminal court capable of delivering a clear verdict. This is in order to prevent such allegations being made maliciously; and to ensure the safety of the alleged victim and any other children the alleged perpetrator is in contact with. More information or Discussion

Recognition of Parental Alienation

Any parent who deliberately harms a child’s relationship with either parent, without good reason, should be treated as being guilty of emotional and psychological abuse of the child. Furthermore, we call on the government and the authorities to recognise Parental Alienation as emotional abuse of the child. More information or Discussion

Automatic Parental Responsibility for Both Parents

All fathers, regardless of marital status, or whether they are named on the birth certificate of their natural child, to be given parental responsibility. Where paternity is in doubt, a DNA test must be used to decide the issue. More information or Discussion

Grandparents given Improved Rights

Grandparents should have a legal right to apply for contact with their grand-children. More information or Discussion

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