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Presented at the British Psychological Society Conference on 23rd June 2009:
Dr Nicola Graham-Kevan from the University of Lancaster: “Men and women perpetrators of domestic violence were found to have very similar levels of financial control, sexual control and intimidation in relationships.”
“The results of this study tell us that we need to challenge some of the assumptions around domestic violence..one such assumption is that controlling behaviour in relationships is unique to men.”
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“I came to understand that the hole a man leaves when he abandons his responsibility to his children is one that no government can fill.”
He has the good fortune to have a faithful wife who allows him to see his children today, while a quarter of fathers do not, and he smugly condemns us all as dead-beat dads because of his own father.
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Hi. I’m Matt. My daughter was born in January 2008 – I first met her when she was 3 days old and fell completely in love with her.
As things are now I haven’t seen her since April 2008 and at the time of writing haven’t heard anything from the mother since May. I don’t even know what country they’re in.
I decided to do my website to tell the truth about my situation and to show how easily a father can be shut out of his child’s life…
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EPA candidate Keith Collett, relishing the campaign outside Runnymede Civic Centre.
It was on Runnymede’s meadow that English democracy began in 1215 with the signing of Magna Carta. What better place to try to restore some decent principles to English politics.
Keith has delivered leaflets to around half the electors now, talking to many people on their doorstep as he does so, asking, among other things, whether local people intend to turn out to vote on 4th June, given the Westminster expenses scandals which form a backdrop to this campaign.
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Brian McNair, chairman of the Equal Parenting Alliance, took part in a protest outside a 1-day conference for Social Services Directors on 25/3/09. He later spoke to the Evening Telegraph about the need for greater involvement of grandparents
“I hope the social workers, especially Alan Baird, take note. You have to be seen to be heard nowadays. We hope this brings our message into the public eye.
“We are questioning the integrity of some social workers across the country. They often do not record meetings they have with grandparents. This is not …