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[27 May 2010 | No comments | 1,598 views]

Since the Equal Parenting Alliance was formed we have received a constant stream of requests for help with individual cases, which we have responded to as best we can from our limited resource.
This year, 3 of our main advisers decided to set up a more organised support service to respond to the demand, and in the last 10 weeks alone we have handled over 300 enquiries.
To access this service, click on Need help with your case?” at the top of this page.
The initial enquiry is free, after which we make …

Election 2010, Headline »

Election results for EPA candidates
[10 May 2010 | No comments | 233 views]

Spiderman Votes
Ray Barry tried some old-fashioned canvassing with a modern twist: spiderman driving around the Wolverhampton South West constituency delivering key messages through a megaphone. Roger Crawford did things on an altogether bigger scale, driving a double-decker bus, emblazoned with slogans, around Oxford East.
Here are Ray’s and Roger’s results:
Paul Uppal Conservative 16,344 40.7 +2.6
Rob Marris Labour …

Election 2010, Headline »

Ray Barry Wolverhampton SW candidate Equal Parenting Alliance
[19 Apr 2010 | No comments | 717 views]
Ray Barry Wolverhampton SW candidate Equal Parenting Alliance

My passion is to dismantle the multi-billion-pound Family Law industry which has led to a quarter of the country’s children being alienated from their fathers, as mine are from me. At its root it is a money-making scam, in which lawyers, judges and others grow fat from a system which relies for its continued existence on its adversarial nature which destroys the innocence of children and goads parents to fight each other: a system which those who earn their living from it do not want to see changed.
When my wife …

Family Law, Headline, Opinion »

A Presumption of Reasonable Contact?
[14 Apr 2009 | One Comment | 4,830 views]
A Presumption of Reasonable Contact?

We believe family courts should adopt the principle that, following divorce or separation of parents, there is a presumption that both parents will have reasonable contact with their children unless there is a good reason otherwise.
Clearly there is a big difference between one case in which the child and his resident mother, for instance, live a mile away from the non-resident father, and another case in which they live 300 miles away. Because of these differences of circumstances, the exact definition of reasonable contact will vary between cases.
We attach …