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[8 Jan 2009 | No comments | 712 views]
Violent Wife Eliminates Father

My name’s Dave. I know people are more used to hearing that it’s women who are abused in a relationship, and maybe this is more common, but it does happen to men too.
I met my wife-to-be about thirteen years ago. Straightaway she seemed very clingy and constantly required reassurance that I loved her, but I wasn’t too worried by this as she’d had a difficult childhood with parents who didn’t seem to care that much about her.
We were married a year after we met. It was then that the real …

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[8 Jan 2009 | One Comment | 169 views]
The Suicide Gap

We are reminded daily in the media of the plethora of gaps purporting to prove women are seriously disadvantaged in our society. The most often repeated of these is, of course, the so-called pay gap (of which more in a later article).
But the one I’d like to draw your attention to today is a real gap, revealing a very big difference between the genders in the UK. One I will call the suicide gap.

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[19 Nov 2008 | 2 Comments | 1,407 views]

A view from Tracey Wilkinson
“The passing of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill this week raised quite a few concerns for me, not least the further downgrading of the role of the father in families and society today”.
Why should it concern me? I am after all a woman, a single parent, and if I were to really look at the description of terms, a liberal feminist, since I believe that men and women should be considered equal in terms of law and society. So I should be jumping for joy. …