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[10 May 2010 | No comments | 236 views]

Spiderman Votes
Ray Barry tried some old-fashioned canvassing with a modern twist: spiderman driving around the Wolverhampton South West constituency delivering key messages through a megaphone. Roger Crawford did things on an altogether bigger scale, driving a double-decker bus, emblazoned with slogans, around Oxford East.
Here are Ray’s and Roger’s results:
Paul Uppal Conservative 16,344 40.7 +2.6
Rob Marris Labour …

Election 2010, Featured »

EPA join the election immigration debate
[27 Apr 2010 | No comments | 75 views]
EPA join the election immigration debate

“High unemployment levels owe more to depression after loss of children than to immigration.”
The constituency of Wolverhampton South West, made famous by Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech, became the focus of the immigration debate again today.
Equal Parenting Alliance candidate Ray Barry said immigration had become a “political football” yet closer examination showed the effects on unemployment had been misrepresented.
“So much long-term unemployment traces back to people losing touch with their children. There’s a strong correlation between it and people being alienated from their kids, which drains the …

Election 2010, Headline »

Ray Barry Wolverhampton SW candidate Equal Parenting Alliance
[19 Apr 2010 | No comments | 721 views]
Ray Barry Wolverhampton SW candidate Equal Parenting Alliance

My passion is to dismantle the multi-billion-pound Family Law industry which has led to a quarter of the country’s children being alienated from their fathers, as mine are from me. At its root it is a money-making scam, in which lawyers, judges and others grow fat from a system which relies for its continued existence on its adversarial nature which destroys the innocence of children and goads parents to fight each other: a system which those who earn their living from it do not want to see changed.
When my wife …

Election 2010, Featured »

Election Leaflet Wolverhampton SW, Ray Barry
[18 Apr 2010 | No comments | 197 views]
Election Leaflet Wolverhampton SW, Ray Barry

Ray Barry, the official Equal Parenting Alliance candidate for Wolverhampton South West, launches his Election Leaflet.

Election 2010, Featured »

Tories make 4 commitments to reform Family Law
[14 Apr 2010 | No comments | 181 views]
Tories make 4 commitments to reform Family Law

EPA candidate for Oxford East, Roger Crawford, met with Henry Bellingham, shadow minister, on Saturday, and heard directly what the Conservatives would do to reform Family Law if elected. Mr Bellingham made 4 commitments:
1. Family Courts will be made open, with no caveats. They will be brought into line with the Crown and Magistrates Courts.
2. There will be, in law, a presumption that each parent …

Election 2010, Featured »

EPA candidate launch in Oxford
[5 Apr 2010 | No comments | 421 views]
EPA candidate launch in Oxford

T 01865-760553, E wgeorgestanden@btinternet.com
I am Agent for parliamentary candidate Roger Crawford of the EPA..
Roger Crawford 60 is standing in Oxford East for the Equal Parenting Alliance (EPA) in the general election. The EPA is linked to NewFathers4Justice.
Roger is “The Court Jester” pictured last year demonstrating on Carfax Tower on 18 June, and at Oxford County Court on 4 November, calling for better Family Laws.
The EPA wants a presumption of equal access for spouses to their children after separation or divorce.
Two important dates this week:-
Tuesday afternoon 6 April 2010 Roger will …

Election 2010, Elections, Featured »

View EPA video election message
[29 Mar 2010 | No comments | 121 views]
View EPA video election message

View 3 minute video on You Tube about standing in the 2010 General Election as an EPA candidate.

Election 2010, Featured, Gender Issues »

Harriet’s gender bender agenda
[2 Mar 2010 | One Comment | 178 views]
Harriet’s gender bender agenda

Our thanks to Melanie Phillips for this excellent article in the Spectator
So what do you expect if you have something called an ‘Equality Minister’? She will impose gross injustice wherever she can in the interests of a coercive and preposterous ideology. Harriet Harman’s proposal that companies should positively discriminate in favour of women job candidates (ie discriminate against men) is yet another example of the way in which feminism got hijacked and turned from a campaign for fairness for women into an onslaught against men. Her proposal is not only …

Election 2010, Featured, Gender Issues »

Campaign of boy-bashing
[26 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 135 views]
Campaign of boy-bashing

Not content with attacking men, the feminist lobby is now turning its vitriol against boys.
This morning we see in the press yet one more plank in the Government’s campaign to vilify and demoralise boys. Psychologist Linda Papadopolous published her report on the sexualisation of youngsters. Commissioned by the Home office, the report finds what everyone already knows, that children are exposed to inappropriate sexual images. The sub-text to the report, however, is that girls are victims of sexual abuse and boys are to blame.
The facts of domestic abuse are studiously …

Election 2010, Featured »

Latest Domestic violence figures – male victims soar
[22 Jan 2010 | One Comment | 259 views]
Latest Domestic violence figures – male victims soar

New Government research explodes the myth that domestic abuse victims are overwhelmingly women. In Scotland the number of male victims of domestic abuse in the last 12 months is far higher than previously thought. In fact there are as many male as female victims.
The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2008-09 published its results on 15th December 2009. Scotland’s chief statistician reveals that in the last 12 months as many men as women were victims of partner abuse, and perpetrators of abuse were also in almost equal proportions (48% men, 45% …