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Steve GouldstoneI started out in Fathers-4-Justice after I was denied access to my daughter and spent years (and much of my savings) fighting through the courts to maintain a relationship with her. I was so disgusted with a system which allows the offending parent (usually the mother) to harm a child both emotionally and physically and still be treated as if she is the victim.

This sense of disgust remains with me to this day. This is why I decided to form the Equal Parenting Alliance with some friends, to provide another front for the fight for children’s protection. Though we have not achieved any electoral success, this has never been of any interest to us, the whole point being to gain publicity for the cause.

As far as my own history is concerned, I started off a committed socialist, but find myself distanced from this ideology as I become more aware of how a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy is just never going to work in the real world. Such awareness is basically incompatible with socialism – which requires a more religious-like faith from its believers – and I do not feel I sensibly fit into any political ‘wing’ any more.

Certainly, the simplistic view that socialists routinely adopt of our society does not seem to make any sense to me these days. I have sat and watched while the Blair, Brown and now Cameron governments have maintained basically the same positions on everything – and have now realised that none of them are going to yield any betterment of our culture – certainly not for dads or children. It is with a sense of wonderment that I watch the socialists saying one thing and then doing the complete opposite without any of their supporters noticing. Truly we are stuck in the year 1984 without realising it.

I despair as the ironically named ‘United Against Fascism’ stifle their opponents freedom of speech while the left wing gaze on admiringly. I expect they go home to burn a pile of books they don’t agree with later.

What a waste of time and resources our political system represents? I just wish I had the energy to do more about it.

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