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Ray Barry – Party Leader

Ray Barry

Ray Barry (59), is a retired Civil Servant and worked for Jobcentreplus for more than thirty years. He specialised in helping disabled people to find work and has an MSc in this field. He now runs an independent consultancy from his home in Wolverhampton.

Ray has a theology degree, and has trained as a priest.

Ray has three children, the eldest two of whom he has not seen for eight years. “I was a completely hands-on devoted father,” he says. “putting them to bed, getting them up, cooking, and taking them on outings at the week-ends.

Ray Barry working at home

“Words cannot describe my heart-break at being separated from them. My eldest two have refused to see me since their mother left with them, even though neither has ever accused me of any mistreatment (which might have explained their refusal)”.

I am like so many other fathers today who find that the hearts and minds of our children are turned against us after separation. I want to change all of this so that my children do not have to go through the same when they grow up. The law needs to change so that there is a presumption that separated parents remain jointly responsible for their children, and I would dearly love to see the churches more involved. Last year the BBC ran a survey in which a quarter of children said they did not regard their father as a part of their immediate family. As a life-long Christian, I am astounded that our churches have allowed things to get to this state and raised not a word of protest against it.

If you would like to help, you can make a donation to our election fund or just give me a ring (0790 550 2856) if you would like to talk to me directly.

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