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We need as many people as possible to go to this link and to register their approval.

The issue: The present law allows resident parents to emigrate, and remove a child to another country, unless there is good reason not to. The fact that this will result in the termination of the child’s bonds with the non-resident parent is not generally held to be a good reason to refuse the resident parent leave to remove the child.

All of the research evidence show this practice is contrary to the welfare of children, and yet this principle continues to be applied by courts. This principle cannot be challenged in the Supreme Court unless the Court of Appeal itself gives permission for it to go before the Supreme Court. This makes a nonsense of having a Supreme Court at all.

This link gives you the opportunity to register your support for repealing Sec 54 of the Access to Justice Act and so allowing this, and other issues, to be considered by the Supreme Court.

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