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Election results for EPA candidates

10 May 2010 301 views No comments

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Ray Barry tried some old-fashioned canvassing with a modern twist: spiderman driving around the Wolverhampton South West constituency delivering key messages through a megaphone. Roger Crawford did things on an altogether bigger scale, driving a double-decker bus, emblazoned with slogans, around Oxford East.

Here are Ray’s and Roger’s results:

Paul Uppal Conservative 16,344 40.7 +2.6
Rob Marris Labour 15,653 39.0 -4.5
Robin Lawrence Liberal Democrat 6,430 16.0 +2.5
Amanda Mobberley UK Independence Party 1,487 3.7 +1.2
Raymond Barry Equal Parenting Alliance 246 0.6 +0.6
Majority 691 1.7
Turnout 40,160 67.9 +4.8

Roger on the bus.jpg

Andrew Smith Labour 21,938 42.5 +6.5
Steve Goddard Liberal Democrat 17,357 33.6 -1.6
Edward Argar Conservative 9,727 18.8 +1.5
Sushila Dhall Green 1,238 2.4 -2.1
Julia Gasper UK Independence Party 1,202 2.3 +0.6
David O’Sullivan Socialist Equality 116 0.2 +0.2
Roger Crawford Equal Parenting Alliance 73 0.1 +0.1
Majority 4,581 8.9
Turnout 51,651 63.1 +5.6

A message from the Australian non-custodial parents party:

Hi Ray

Congratulations in Wolverhampton SW.

You made a good effort. Your percentage of the vote is in line with what we get here in Australia.

We find that people who vote for us normally would vote for our Australian Labor Party (your Labour Party but with a “u” deleted – for Australian marketing reasons). This is because our Labor voters tend to be from our lower socio-economic areas.

Therefore I would presume that you may have taken some votes away from your Labour Party, that would have otherwise gone to that party. You have made some impact. This is by making slightly easier for the Conservative candidate to win.



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