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Tories make 4 commitments to reform Family Law

14 April 2010 223 views No comments

EPA candidate for Oxford East, Roger Crawford, met with Henry Bellingham, shadow minister, on Saturday, and heard directly what the Conservatives would do to reform Family Law if elected. Mr Bellingham made 4 commitments:

1. Family Courts will be made open, with no caveats. They will be brought into line with the Crown and Magistrates Courts.
2. There will be, in law, a presumption that each parent is of equal value, i.e. has equal status, resident parent or not.
3. There will be a greater emphasis on mediation with the aim of keeping far more cases out of the court system. If a case goes to court, agreements made at mediation will be taken into account.
4. The issue of Family Law reform will be a priority.

Roger drove a bus with 40 protesters through the streets of Oxford, and met with Mr Bellingham at Witney, by arrangement with the Police, who escorted the bus, and brokered the meeting.

Roger added that Henry Bellingham seems to have a good grasp of the issues, and that he intends to continue with consultations as part of these reforms, including fathers’ interests groups.

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