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Ray Barry Wolverhampton SW candidate Equal Parenting Alliance

19 April 2010 877 views No comments

My passion is to dismantle the multi-billion-pound Family Law industry which has led to a quarter of the country’s children being alienated from their fathers, as mine are from me. At its root it is a money-making scam, in which lawyers, judges and others grow fat from a system which relies for its continued existence on its adversarial nature which destroys the innocence of children and goads parents to fight each other: a system which those who earn their living from it do not want to see changed.

When my wife left me 10 years ago, it was a life-changing moment for me. I have seen nothing of my eldest 2 children ever since, and now I no longer see my 3rd and youngest either, even though all 3 live less than 2 miles away with their mother and her boy-friend, and I have fought legal battles costing over £100,000 in a futile attempt to remain in touch with them, and to be a father to them.

I was born in Darlaston and went to St Chad’s grammar school in Wolverhampton. I have lived in the city most of my life, and I am a life-long Wolves supporter. I spent 30 years in the Civil Service around Birmingham and the Black Country, and I have a good understanding of the local economy. I also trained as a priest, I have a Theology degree, and I do voluntary work, taking youngsters who have disabilities or other problems to school.

I received my pensioners bus pass this year, but continue to work, as many of us do. I run a disability consultancy from home. I have an MSc qualification for it, and solicitors engage me to help their clients return to work and get their life back on track while their personal injury claims are being fought over.

I run a help-line for Real Fathers for Justice, and deal with around 30 heart-rending cries for help every week from mothers and fathers facing the prospect of losing touch with their children. I also work as a “McKenzie Friend,” a legal term for a lay adviser who helps parents at court who cannot afford a lawyer.

I have none of the encumbrances of the major parties. Rob Marris is a fine man and an excellent constituency MP, but he has been obliged to support the Labour policies which have brought misery and poverty to the country. If elected, I would have no such party whip to obey. I would be completely free to represent the interests of the good people of Wolverhampton South West, and I have many skills I can bring to bear on your behalf. My 30 years in the Civil Service have taught me how to work behind the scenes, where most of the real work is done, and I can hold my own in debate in any company and on any subject, as can be seen from these clips from BBC’s the Big Questions, and Trisha. I am well able to stand up for Wolverhampton’s interests in Parliament.

If elected, my Main Manifesto Commitments would be:
1) Family Law reform: If parents separate, children spend
equal time with each, unless they both agree otherwise.
2) A Minister for men, to ensure men and boys receive
equality in Health, Education and before the law.

And by the way, why does Wolverhampton need the £22million “world-class” bus station which the council have promised us? Wouldn’t a Wolverhampton-class bus station and a £22million council tax rebate be better?

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