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T 01865-760553, E wgeorgestanden@btinternet.com

I am Agent for parliamentary candidate Roger Crawford of the EPA..

Roger Crawford 60 is standing in Oxford East for the Equal Parenting Alliance (EPA) in the general election. The EPA is linked to NewFathers4Justice.

Roger is “The Court Jester” pictured last year demonstrating on Carfax Tower on 18 June, and at Oxford County Court on 4 November, calling for better Family Laws.

The EPA wants a presumption of equal access for spouses to their children after separation or divorce.

Two important dates this week:-

Tuesday afternoon 6 April 2010 Roger will be in Oxford for interviews – ring Roger 07849-522180 or me 01865-760553.

Then Saturday 10 April 2010, Roger and EPA members, in Batman/Superhero costumes, will be demonstrating in and around Oxford East in an open-top bus.

In the morning we will tour the constituency itself. In the afternoon we will tour Witney, David Cameron’s constituency, and visit David Cameron’s house. All this has already been discussed with David Cameron himself and his Office.

Yours sincerely, George Standen (Agent – address above)

Candidate – Mr Roger Crawford, The Pigling, Woodview Nurseries, Shefford Rd, Meppershall. Beds SG17 5LL. Mob 07849-522180, Tel 01462-814575, Email Roger jester-rog@talktalk.net

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