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The Gender Pay Gap

16 March 2010 179 views 3 Comments

During BBC’s Big Questions programme this week, Alex Borchardt from Families Need Fathers was howled down for saying that sex discrimination had all but disappeared in the workplace.

Our thanks to gender equality researcher Greg Andreson for this concise analysis of a report published in Australia this week, which backs up what Alex said. Differences in pay and work result from the different choices and priorities men and women have, rather than from discrimination.

“Even though this new report commissioned by the Office for Women found no evidence of discrimination against women (it just assumed it), the government still presumes that women are treated less than equally in the workplace. The report found that factors such as women’s choices of careers, jobs and work hours, consideration of caring responsibilities, women’s work motivations, bargaining power and appetite for risk, industry segregation and labour force history, all impact on the so-called ‘wage-gap’. In other words, in general, women choose work that pays less as a trade-off for other rewards such as family, safety/health and job satisfaction. Interestingly the Office for Women didn’t commission a study into women’s spending power. If they had, they would have found, as previous studies have done, that women are responsible for spending 70% of family incomes (while men are responsible for earning the majority of family incomes). Who has the real power – the person who earns or the person who spends?”


  • admin said:

    If they want to find out what the real gender pay gap is, they have to compare two populations where the only difference is gender.

    So they would need to compare women without children who persue their careers like a typical man with men in an identical situation.

    Of course, they never do this (it would not give them the answer they want!

    These gender bigots are only interested in proving the point they want to prove, they have no interest in discovering any real difference in pay between genders.

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  • FNF said:

    Hi EPA,

    We are keen to clear up our position here. We believe that the Gender Pay Gap has improved in recent years but we do not believe that it has disappeared!

    One of the most useful reports on this is page 92 here:


    The gender pay gap still very much exists and women are visible at far less senior levels. One of the reasons why I personally believe so passionately in equal parenting rights is because; the more equal we are in the private sphere the more equal we should be in the public sphere.


    Becky Jarvis
    Policy and Information Officer

  • ray (author) said:

    The Gender Gap report which Becky cites reveals in its Foreward where it is coming from “Empowering women and providing them with equal rights and opportunities for fulfilling their potential is long overdue.” (See P7 Foreward http://www.weforum.org/pdf/gendergap/report2009.pdf )

    This report’s starting position is that women are disadvantaged, and so it is hardly surprising that it selects data which supports this argument.

    It does not address the possibility that under-representation of women in senior management may result from choices women make because they have different priorities to men, and neither does it account for women spending 70% of money, compared to men’s 30%. Greg’s point is a very valid one. Who spends money is a better indicator of power than who earns it, and on this measure it is men rather than women who are treated less equally.


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