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Not content with attacking men, the feminist lobby is now turning its vitriol against boys.

This morning we see in the press yet one more plank in the Government’s campaign to vilify and demoralise boys. Psychologist Linda Papadopolous published her report on the sexualisation of youngsters. Commissioned by the Home office, the report finds what everyone already knows, that children are exposed to inappropriate sexual images. The sub-text to the report, however, is that girls are victims of sexual abuse and boys are to blame.

The facts of domestic abuse are studiously ignored as this band-wagon rolls on. The British Crime survey shows that young men, rather than young women, are the group most likely to experience domestic abuse. The recent NSPCC survey, published as part of this same campaign, concluded that while 25% of girls experienced violence in relationships, so did 18% of boys.

While the evidence points to domestic violence and domestic abuse being something which impacts on boys and girls in approximately equal numbers, all of the attention is given to girls as victims and boys as abusers. This is not true academic reporting, and the likes of NSPCC and Linda Papadopolous should be ashamed of their part in it. The fact that they were paid out of a programme called “violence against women and girls” gives a clue to the findings they were expected to come up with, and they dutifully wrote what the pay-master wanted. They would, after all, hope to get more work from this source, wouldn’t they?

The simple fact is that this campaign is nothing more than propapaganda, driven by a feminist core within Government, and it is crushing and oppressing the spirit of our young men and boys.

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