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CAFCASS policy has undergone a shift of late in favour of shared parenting. “Cafcass wishes to help both parents to continue, after separation or divorce, to play an important role in their children’s lives, unless there is a good reason, supported by evidence, not to do so.”
They acknowledge that not all of CAFCASS’ own people have come up to speed with this new approach yet, and so their Guidance for case officers is essential reading for anyone whose children are currently involved with them.

This is welcome news which may have passed un-noticed by those of us with bad personal experiences of their involvement with our children. Here are the key principles from the guidance:
” Shared parenting means, at root, that both parents are actively involved in loving and guiding their child throughout their childhood, following separation or divorce. It means that each child spends a significant amount of time with each parent regularly, and both parents are involved in key decisions concerning their child. What those roles will be will depend on the precise circumstances of each case, but they will usually involve both parents having significant overnight contact, being involved in the child’s schooling, important (though not emergency) health issues, moral and religious education, hobbies and so on.”

“Unless there is good reason, supported by evidence” is especially encouraging to see in this guidance. All too often, bonds between parent and child are destroyed through malicious allegations by the other parent, which by the time they are shown to to be false, have already destroyed the relationship, so rewarding the parent who made the false allegation. Evidence is essential before taking the draconian step of separating a parent from a child, and at last CAFCASS have taken this on board in their policy. It is up to each of us now to be vigilant to ensure this policy is carried out in practice.

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