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Elections – 4th June 2009 – Runnymede

20 May 2009 165 views No comments

There are only a few local elections in 2009, and we have one candidate, Keith Collett, standing for 2 seats in Runnymede: Addlestone and Woodham. Keith is receiving no expenses, except the price of a pair of boots to deliver 10,000 leaflets personally around the constituencies. We are literally running on a shoe string! Donations to our party funds are very welcome.

Keith is an ex-soldier, and worked as a lorry driver until losing his job recently in the recession.

“This means I will be able to put all my time into local issues, attend all meetings, and serve my time properly as a Councillor. I answer to no one, but the voters of Runnymede. When a resident in my ward is having a meeting with the Council, I am quite willing to be there at the meeting to make sure the problem is sorted out for them in the right manner.”

Keith has been actively involved in local politics for the last 6 years, attending many Council meetings, County & Local, and he has stood in Local, County and General Elections.

“My aim is to make sure that all people in Runnymede whether they are single, married, separated or divorced get treated the same, have the same rights, in housing, schooling and information. In particular why should fathers and grandparents have to go to court just to get permission to see their own children or grandchildren? Everybody thinks this is wrong – even my ex signed the nomination paper for me to stand in this election! It just needs people to make a stand and demand change, and I’m the right man to take the lead, and make things happen.”

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