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Michelle Obama and Equality

3 April 2009 114 views No comments

While husband Barak attended the G20 summit, Michelle Obama took the opportunity to visit a North London school. Excellent – the students must have been delighted, an event they will always remember, and be encouraged by. But why, oh why, did Ms Obama choose a girls-only school to visit, and why did she speak about the world needing strong women?

It is boys rather than girls who are disadvantaged these days in schooling. They are the ones who need encouragement, so why visit a single-sex school, and why make it girls rather than boys?

Teaching styles are increasingly geared towards the way girls learn, boys are excluded from school in increasing numbers for stepping out of line; should we be surprised if they feel second class in our school system, and de-motivated, and might they see Ms Obama’s visit and her words as one more slap in the face to them. Did she reflect on the impact this visit might have on boys who see it in newspapers or on TV?

Giving advantage to women and girls is no longer about creating equality by raising them to a level playing field. The pendulum has swung the other way, but we have a generation of professional women who are programmed to see females as disadvantaged victims, and are unable to see them in any other light.

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