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Forced to accuse father of sexual abuse

21 January 2009 344 views One Comment

I am a 28 year old man. I was abused for many years as a child in Ireland. I was let down by the police and social services, although it was my mother and her boyfriend who abused me. As well as physical and emotional abuse, they made me accuse my father of sexually abusing me. I was forced, through co-ercive questioning, sleep deprivation and beatings, to invent a story about how he and other men had raped me for years. I was so young when this was happening – from aged six – and I was so confused, that I almost came to believe it myself. I had to write it all out for them so that they could produce it in court as evidence against my father.

Now, many years later, I have written out my full story in the form of a book. I want to do anything I can to warn people of this type of abuse and hopefully prevent it happening to another kid. I hope professionals will find my book helpful. And I hope writing it will prove to be therapeutic for me.

I have posted my book on the Authonomy.com website


where it can be read free of charge.

I ask anyone who reads it and finds it helpful, to ‘back’ it (you will need to register, then click on the ‘back the book’ button), and to leave a comment on the site if you wish. The publishers Harper Collins promise to consider for full publication those books that receive the most backing. If I can get them to publish my book in paper form and it became popular, I am hoping it will raise awareness in the general public of this type of abuse.

With thanks,

Eamonn Corr

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  • shirley18 said:

    I too believe that if you tell a child often enough that something has happened or someone has done something, they will eventually believe it, and see it in their own mind as an actual event. The imagination is a powerfull tool. Just like hypnotism, I believe a traumatized child or person, who does not know how to fight the forces of suggestability will eventually comply to what is constantly being fed to them.

    The mind is a strange thing, and can most definately be used against us to destroy us.

    The Stockholm Syndrome is also an interesting study on how a captive can start to love their captor. If you cant beat them, join them. It goes on every day in families, sometimes in a very subtle way. Women use it a lot to make their children love and conform to them, and turn them against their fathers.

    Because we cannot stand up to someone, most especially when we are a child, we make ourselves love that person. We have guilt that we have hatred, to we ease our hatred by turning it into conformity.

    I will most definately try to read your book, and hopefully it will get published to help others.

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